Alchemy has advanced, and humans are starting to get greedy with it. The military and Alchemists are there to stop them, but what about the Homunculi?
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 Seito, Child of Kindess

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PostSubject: Seito, Child of Kindess   Mon Jul 14, 2008 5:03 pm

General Information

Name: Seito

Age: 400+

Likes: Stuffed animals, candy, swinging, hugging (or in her case hugging their leg), snuggling and drawing

Dislikes: Healthy foods, restriction, doing work, broken caryons, growing up and sleeping

Habits: Drawing is considered her only part-time job while the other is of hugging random people.

Young child

Young adult


Virtue: Kindness

How Did You Die?: Seitos's mother disliked her greatly, and it only angered her more when the child refused to hate her. Seito died in her sleep when her mother poisoned her. Since then Seito refuses to sleep.

Who Brought You Back To Life?: Unknown

Ability: Reverse Healing and Heal

Skill: Age
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Seito, Child of Kindess
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